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Sentient Energy Reduces Manual Sales and Marketing Efforts with Salesforce
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Cloud Pathfinder helped Sentient Energy clean up their tech stack and align Salesforce to their go-to-market operations. Now, they run coordinated sales and marketing efforts to drive leads through a funnel with minimal manual labor, freeing up their Sales team to focus on what's most important - customers.

Over a year
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Sentient Energy, a Koch Engineered Solution company, helps electric utilities deliver safe, reliable, smart power. Sentient is an energy software and hardware technology company, and a premier provider of intelligent sensing, data analytics, optimization, and control technologies for the distribution grid.
Sentient Culture
Cloud Pathfinder has proudly supported Sentient Energy through implementations of Sales Cloud and Pardot. We helped the team get started with the new platform and provide ongoing support to continuously optimize the tool to improve efficiencies and accuracy of forecasts. We have partnered closely with the Senior Manager of Systems Implementation for the past ~2 years to support Sentient's development with the Salesforce platform.
Why Now
In 2019 Sentient Energy had plans to grow the sales team and exponentially increase revenue. At the time, sales used Zendesk Sell Legacy as a CRM. It wasn't capable of supporting the complexity of Sentient's sales cycles, which forced the sales team to do a lot of manual work and limited the accuracy of financial projections.
Other Things to Note
To help the Sales team stay on top of client needs, Cloud Pathfinder also implemented TaskRay, a project management tool that helps teams keep track of operations within their Salesforce. This native tool eliminated the need to toggle between tools and improved the customer experience, ultimately helping Sentient retain existing customers.
Project Boundaries
The Project

When Cloud Pathfinder began working with Sentient Energy, we spent a lot of time understanding where they experienced challenges in their day to day work. Sentient Energy was using multiple tools to support marketing efforts, sales operations, and client projects. Additionally, the technology they were using didn't align to their actual day-to-day tasks. All the disparate tools and misalignment led to a lot of manual data entry and significant issues creating accurate sales and financial forecasts. Our first step was to provide a roadmap for consolidating the tools and aligning Sentient's technology spend to the vital sales & marketing operations.


Business Objectives:

  • Improve alignment of technology to actual Sales.
  • Process Reduce inefficiencies and manual data entry.
  • Increase accuracy of sales and financial forecasts.
  • Improve coordination between Marketing & Sales.


The Moment of Trust
"Mark's great. Love working with him. We're getting a lot done."
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Jud Price
Account Manager
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Mark Albano
Solution Architect
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