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Autify Standardizes Processes with Salesforce to Increase Renewals
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Managing Sales and Marketing teams is difficult, but for Autify, it was even more challenging. Two business units are located in different countries, and each team used different tools and processes to track and manage customers from lead to close. This made it difficult to get a wholistic view of the business's health. And, it was hard to scale. Cloud Pathfinder helped Autify get both teams on a single platform and get a clearer picture of Sales and Marketing efforts, making it easier to manage - and grow - the company's subscription model.

High Tech
4-8 weeks
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Autify is a no-code, ai-powered software test automation tool. It quickly creates and maintains automated tests by monitoring how a user interacts with an application. Autify is an AWS partner and has raised over $13M in growth capital, including a $10M Series A round, to expand operations globally and add mobile testing capabilities.
Autify Culture
Cloud Pathfinder takes a disciplined and strategic approach to Salesforce implementations with the future goals of the business always in mind. Autify's business is still growing, which means they needed a partner who could be flexible with an engagement. We worked with Autify to put an initial roadmap together and get them to a place where they had better visibility into the business, so they could put that worry out of mind and focus on what's really important - their customers.
Why Now
Autify raised growth capital in the fall of 2021, and an edict to grow - fast. This put pressure on the team to implement a sales tech stack that could scale with them without causing friction down later on. Additionally, they were losing track of leads and having trouble upselling and cross-selling products, and losing out on easy opportunities for additional growth.
Project Boundaries
The Project

Growing SaaS companies often struggle with the same challenge. They start using tech tools fit for their current size, and quickly grow out of them. Autify was experiencing a similar story. The company grew so much by 2021 that their tools were no longer supporting sales and marketing processes. They were losing track of leads, and customers were not renewing their subscriptions! On top of that, Autify had expanded to the US and was now trying to manage multiple business units in two different countries - each with different sales and marketing cultures, processes, and tools. It was becoming harder and harder to understand the company's overall growth.

Cloud Pathfinder has worked with many growing SaaS companies that need to combine disparate databases, processes, and tools to get a clear picture of the business health. When we started working with Autify, we first discussed what the team wanted to accomplish so we could design a Salesforce strategy to support those goals. Then, we spent time with each country's sales & marketing team to learn their specific processes, and better understand how to manage the differences. Finally, we implemented Salesforce and Pardot and created custom workflows for each team.

Now, each team can follow their best practices, but the data collected along the way flows up to reports that provide the vital information Autify's management needs to keep track of the the company's overall sales and marketing efforts. With one single source of truth and one view of the business, Autify can keep better track of subscription renewals and reduce contract churn with a tool that will grow with them.


Business Objectives:

  • Increase the number of upgrades & upsells of subscription product.
  • Increase total contract value per customers.
  • Improve Subscription management and reduce churn.
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