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Acuity Brands Moves onto Salesforce to Improve Marketing & Sales Collaboration
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With Cloud Pathfinder's guidance and support, Acuity Brands now has a more robust marketing system with better analytics, lead management, and collaboration between tools & teams.

Over a year
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Acuity Brands is a market-leading industrial technology company that provides both lighting products and systems to create solutions for all spaces. Acuity Brands is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and operating throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.
Acuity Culture
For their tech-savvy marketing team, it was most important to bring in a Salesforce partner who could bounce ideas around with them, provide a strategy to achieve their goals - and then execute on the strategy with real Salesforce expertise. Cloud Pathfinder acts as the true consultants for the team, providing strategy, direction, and support in executing the plans.
Why Now
Mailchimp had worked for Acuity Brands for a long time. But as the company grew they needed a more robust tool to help them create better, more personalized and targeted campaigns that would sync seamlessly with their sales tools, and reduce the silos between Sales and Marketing information.
Other Things to Note
Cloud Pathfinder has also provided CPQ advisory to the Acuity Brands team, helping develop their sales process even further to reduce friction, improve consistency and decrease the information silos.
Project Boundaries
The Project

The marketing team at Acuity Brands is already highly skilled and Salesforce-savvy. But like most marketing teams, they have more to do than time to do it. Acuity Brands' Director of Demand Generation wanted his marketers to focus on marketing, not on managing Salesforce and other martech. So he decided to bring in a true consultant who could help the team determine their next best steps, then do the work to get it done. Cloud Pathfinder was selected because of our experience in advising large, multi-brand companies on complex Salesforce solutions, including Pardot and other marketing tools.


Business Objectives:

  • Better campaign alignment between marketing tools and Salesforce CRM.
  • Improve marketing analytics, lead qualification and conversion capabilities.
  • Increase in results from marketing efforts.
The Moment of Trust
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John Schallau
Project Manager
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Jud Price
Account Manager
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